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Wizkid Vs Buhari: Was Wizkid’s Reply to Buhari Emotional and Myopic? A Tilly Akua Nipaa Story

Many people will hail either Wizkid or Buhari as the hero at the end of this piece, or maybe they will hail me as the heroine depending on how you look at it.

On the weekend, social media, especially Nigeria and Ghana twitter trend was lit with Nigerian musician, Wizkid, and Nigeria President Muhammadu Buhari battling each other to make number 1. For those who are still not informed about this issue, let me just brief you with the screenshot below:

Also for those who are not aware of what SARS means and what’s happening in Nigeria, this is it:

According to these concerned Nigerians, SARS: Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) of the Nigeria Police Service which gives meaning to the severity of the phenomenon and is killing more lives than it is actually protecting. Per their tweets, when one drives in flashy vehicles or boards Uber, these police officers will stop the car and demand an explanation. Which literally meant, the richer and more flashy you appear, the more susceptible are you to the intimidation and brutality of SARS.

With the hashtag #EndSars, Nigerians are calling for the abrupt dissolution of the entity by the government and to restore order and peaceful and safe living to all native dwellers.

Now, why you are here. Let’s look at Buhari’s tweet to Donald Trump and his wife Melania. Personally, in my opinion, the message from the President was very benign and I can’t tell how taking a few seconds in tweeting that post indirectly meant he didn’t care about Nigerians being killed by SARS.

Now mind you, since the world was struck by COVID_19, it truly made us all independent but largely dependent and concerned about others and their wellbeing, just as most people sympathized with some people who were in the news to have contracted the virus even though we could say it was none of our business. But was it really none of our business? No, because such a simple message like this might mean nothing to the citizens but everything to the head of such nations in securing some favors from the most powerful President in the world.

Further, sending a well-wishing tweet to Trump on social media does not require and stringent scrutiny to see whether all the I’s were dotted and Ts was crossed to make sure that no one was offended or can not be used by opponents for propaganda to propel an agenda. IT WAS NOT A NATIONAL ISSUE THAT DEMANDED IT.

SARS, on the other hand, is a very serious, critical issue and delicate issue, which updates cannot merely be tweeted out especially if there hasn’t been any immediate realistic move to nib the situation in the bud by the government.

Besides, a common social media tweet will not cut it in handling such a delicate National crisis. A press meeting with a properly laid out airtight sealed response will be required to address the SARS issue. Which to me, could be why Buhari might not have replied back to Wizkid. Frankly, I wasn’t even expecting the President to reply back at Wizkid because it might be a trap, mind you these artist rule especially twitter trends, and with a reaction like that from Wizkid, any response from Buhari could come off at a shot fired back at Wizkid in spite of how harmless it might me. No Politician wants to be tagged as an enemy of an artist, especially one with influence as Wizkid. That was a smart move because any response would have been looked at from an emotional point of view. Finally to Wizkid, a bunch is attacking him mostly because of how his message was wrapped with the old man and so many exclamation marks which may mean different things to different people depending on their mood when the message was received. Yet, without that tone of voice in his message, would it have received the level of attention it got? Maybe yes or no, but to me instead of seeing it as rude and probably uncouth as people called it, I’ll call it urgent, as the matter of SARS is to the people of Nigeria.

Yet the message could have clearly been delivered without what the ‘moral’ group will call harsh or disrespect to an older person or even to the President of their nation.

I may also disagree with Wizkid when he said Trump is not his business, it really is, sucking up to the Presidents of these powerful countries is a special skill every African leader has to acquire mind you there is a whole body in every government whose job is to ensure good relations with these people for future benefits. So yeah it is his business.

I could go on and on but I’m sure you see where it all ends, drop your opinion below.

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