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Shugalord’s Fantasy Premiere Party Was Beautiful

On the weekend, Kri8 concept signee, Shugalord, had a party for the premiere of his latest song Fantasy.

After successfully dropping his song Shakara, Shugalord, per his latest release, Fantasy, has proved that he is ready for the Ghanaian music space and with the least attention could constantly scintillate his fans and Ghanaians with good music.

The Shugalord Fantasy Party hosted a pantheon of stars, some prestigious media personalities including Muse Africa and Politicians. Enthralling his guests, Shugalord performed his songs back to back reintroducing himself to his old fans and introducing to the new ones.

Aside from his mellifluous voice, brilliant arrangement, and incredible composition, Fantasy is also accompanied by a very beautiful high-quality video on Youtube.

Hopefully, with serious promotions, Fantasy, will be one of the biggest songs in Ghana and around the world.

Story by Matilda Mensah Marfo

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