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Here is what Cwesi Oteng thinks about Christians making Secular songs

Award-winning Ghanaian Gospel musician Cwesi Oteng has disclosed that he doesn’t see anything wrong with a Christian to do secular music.

Speaking in an interview with Ghanaian blogger, ZionFelix on the ‘Uncut’ Show, the musician, who is also a  Pastor stated that a good Christian can still come out with secular songs but the most important thing is the content. As long as it doesn’t preach violence then it’s good to go.

Pastor Oteng went ahead to reveal how he is mentoring a member of his church who wants to go into Dancehall music. He added that Christians must be allowed to do secular music because there is nothing wrong with it.

He added that Christians who are forced to do gospel music instead of secular music are always struggling to make hit songs because their talent is in making secular music.

Cwesi argued that American singer Justin Bieber has not quit secular music after he gave his life to Jesus Christ. To him, Justin is now impacting more lives and winning souls for the Kingdom of God with his secular music.

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