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End SARS Now! Some Popular Nigerians Speak Out

Actress Juliet Ibrahim has given an account of her unfortunate experience with the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) of the Nigeria Police Service which gives meaning to the severity of the phenomenon.

Her account comes in the wake of traditional and social media protests by Nigerians who are unhappy with the operations of SARS.

According to these concerned Nigerians, SARS is killing more lives than it is actually protecting. Per their tweets, when one drives in flashy vehicles or boards Uber, these police officers will stop the car and demand an explanation.

Which literally meant, the richer and more flashy you appear, the more susceptible are you to the intimidation and brutality of SARS.

With the hashtag #EndSars, Nigerians are calling for the abrupt dissolution of the entity by the government and to restore order and peaceful and safe living to all native dwellers.

Many celebrities and public figures have added their voice to it including Juliet Ibrahim who has narrated her encounter with SARS which has left a bitter taste in her mouth.

Also, some tweets by other Nigeria celebrities are as follows:

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