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Sex work, Trap house & Astrology babes – Check Your DM

If you thought the maiden episode of Check Your DM was wild, the second episode is definitely wilder.

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Dubbed as Sex work, Trap House & Astrology babes – hosts Fui and Helen are joined by the ‘Cat Mama’ Riaboss, as they dive into the world of online dating and hookups.

Sex work, Trap house & Astrology babes – Check Your DM
RiaBoss || Credit: TheRiaBoss/Instagram

RiaBoss (real name Maria Emmanuelle Grace Bossman) is a Ghanaian neo-soul singer known for releasing 11 EPs in 11 weeks.

The trio share their experiences on various dating apps like Tinder, which have become sex hubs or simply put ‘The Hookup spot’.

Riaboss shares her experience of exploring such apps whiles living in the US and in Ghana.


She also reveals how her iPhone was stolen after one such encounter.

On this Episode’s Story, we have a young man who feel he just did sex work after being paid after hook up.

This week’s episode is fully loaded and packed, so relax, chill and Check Your DM.

Stream here: https://www.buzzsprout.com/1343371/5691292

Check Your DM brings you real stories of how people are navigating the complexities of online dating and sex culture in this digital age.

Check Your DM is the first of many diversified podcasts produced for a well-defined audience by The Listening Post Network the audio content network of our parent company Muse Media Networks.

The mission of LPN is to curate, produce, and tell audio stories for an impassioned audience.

Check Your DM is available every Friday on; Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Boomplay, Aftown, Deezer, and Stitcher.

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