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Bullet to take a drastic move with Rufftown Records

New Patriotic Party, the incumbent government in Ghana has included the creative arts industry in its campaign promises. Apart from this, some musicians and industry players have testified to the fact that the government has done well for the industry.

But the manager of Rufftown records, Bullet in a recent post has express how disappointed he is in some stringent laws the government has put in place.

Due to this, the artiste manager has predicted that in a year or 2, Ghana will have no record label due to stringent laws put in place by people of higher position towards the creative art industry.

According to Bullet, it was first FDA and now gaming commission.

In view of this, he is thinking of moving his record label to Nigeria.

This post has received quite a few comment. People have gone as far as to say he should leave Ghana because he doesn’t do anything for the country.

In view of this, he thinking of moving his record label to Nigeria.

Ghana is not a place to operate a record label business and this is very sad.
Record labels do not make money from just shows where their artistes are billed to perform, the majority of the money comes from endorsement deals.
You people are always goofing with your laws.
Do you guys have any idea of the devastating effects of covid-19 on the creative arts?

Photo of the post is provided below

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