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Do you think You are a Shatta Wale Diehard fan? Meet Chillout Badman, Shatta Wale’s Protege in Liberia

I had the pleasure of meeting one of the most interesting characters I’ve probably met in my career as an entertainment journalist.

Before I go into it, first of all even though he came some few minutes to the commencement of the live show on Sammyflex Tv, Chillout Badman’s entourage to the studio put time and plans on standing still. You would think since he was late he would quickly rush into his seat before the clock strike 8. But no! h8s crew and camera guts were now about to take pictures of their superstar in the studio.

Albeit annoying, it was a sight to behold, how a Liberian artist could move with the fanbase of a Ghanaian artist and be treated like he was home.

When he finally sat down for the conversation to start, I saw one of his guys quickly rush to decorate our table with Storm Energy drink, which is a drink Shatta Wale is an ambassador to.

Then the conversation started, Finally! Chillout Badman is a Liberian reggae Dancehall artist who has dedicated his brand and works to starting and promoting Shatta Movement in Liberia. To him, although people do not understand why an artist would want to promote another artist instead of himself, he believes dancehall is a revolutionary thing with cliques and movements, believing and hoping that if Africa’s Dancehall King (Shatta wale) excels, so shall he and all the Shatta Movements around the world.

The conversation went on and on, all hailing Shatta Wale and how big of a deal he is in Liberia. Actually, Chillout Badman has had the privilege of meeting Shatta wale and even having a song with him after being locked down in Ghana for 6 months because of COVID-19.

After sharing his journey to recruiting ghetto youths in Liberia for Shatta Movement, you can clearly see that the Ghanaian fanatics were a child’s play to him. Chillout Badman loves Shatta Wale to the core such that it so endearing almost turned me into a Shatta Wale fan. He clearly understands the vision and goals of the movement and is championing accordingly in Liberia.

Chillout Badman is currently pushing his song Dancehall king. You would think it was a copy of Shatta Wale’s monster hit, Dancehall King, but it’s not! But it’s quite different from it with another groove to it.

I can’t express fully how I felt meeting him but I hope you catch my drift. Shatta Wale might be a prophet who is not honored in his homeland, but he really is a gem around the world, the excitement in chillout badman’s eyes alone says it all.

Story by Tilly Akua Nipaa

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