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Quamina MP, Posterboy For Party Songs, Advantage or Not? Here is What He Thinks

Since his introduction into the Ghanaian music game, Quamina MP has mostly been known for his party songs and vibe.

After breaking with his first hit song, Wiase y3d3, Quamina MP has dropped series of Party songs like, Amanfour girls, Party, Ohia y3 F**kn and has featured on other party songs.

In an interview with Muse Africa, Quamina MP response to whether being tagged as a party artist has been to his advantage or not, He said that

First of all, I did not choose to do what I’m doing now, it just comes, I just feel the vibes and I put it out there but it’s not intentional.

He added that, his style has never prevented him from getting all the good deals and collaborations that comes with his career.

Watch full interview:

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