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Glitz Africa Champions #ISaidNo Campaign Against Rape As Part of Ghana Women Of The Year Honors

As part of their annual Ghana Women of the Year Honours, Glitz Africa is championing a campaign against rape. As an event to celebrate women excelling in their various fields of endeavors, Glitz Africa is particular about women being the victims of rape in this campaign.

Driving the hashtags #ISaidNo and #NoConsentNoSex people are been educated on what constitutes rape and why consent is very crucial before engaging in any sexual intercourse.

Ahead of the Ghana women of the year ceremony, some influential Ghanaian personalities from the media, creative arts, and other sectors have vehemently added their voices to the campaign.

With their aim of celebrating women, it’s only prudent that Glitz Africa Ghana women of the year Honours push the campaign of rape which has been one poisonous occurrence tearing down girls and women instead of uplifting them to the world.



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