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Amo Achille makes an impressive debut with new single ‘Innocence’

Afrobeats producer Amo Achille gears up to release his first album, beginning with the release of his first single titled ‘Innocence’.

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‘Innocence’ is available for streaming/download globally here: https://hypeddit.com/link/u7agao

At the crossroads of Afro House, Dancehall and 90s R&B, Amo Achille’s music, sensual at will, is this subtle mix of genres ready to arouse your senses.

Amo Achille makes an impressive debut with new single 'Innocence'
Courtesy: Amo Achille

The Belgian producer and singer of Congolese/South African origins has indeed reached artistic maturity and arrives very soon with his first album titled ”Mistress”, a compilation of catchy and tantalizing little bombs.


The first burst ‘Innocence’ and on it, the swaying rhythm of the production serves as a backdrop to a sad heart story (what else?).

The perfect soundtrack to end a relationship. This crucial moment when, just before the breakup, we try to salvage the furniture while sentient of the heart that has already endured too much.

Caribbean sounds, subtly tuned vocals and a sensual appearance of the voice of Lyna, the young singer from Leuven who continues to climb in the Belgian scene. In short, everything is arranged to creep out of this strange summer omen smoothly.


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