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Here is What Producer, Hammer, Think of The VGMA Rapper of the Year

Veteran Ghanaian Producer, Hammer having produced excellent Ghanaian rappers like Sarkodie, Edem, Tinny, Kwaw Kese among others has spoken about the VGMA best rapper award category.

According to Hammer in an Interview with Caleb Nii Boye, the worst thing to do is for the rapper of the year award to be decided by public vote.

It’s just what I heard about how the rapper of the year was handled. I heard it was based on votes and that is the worst thing I have ever heard for a category like the Rapper of the Year.” He said.

Hammer continued by saying fans wouldn’t be sincere in choosing their idol over someone who might have done better during the year.

He made an example saying, Sakrodie funs wouldn’t even admit it if their favorite rapper wasn’t up to his game.

“How do you expect people to be sincere about their opinion on a rapper? You can’t get fans to be sincere about their opinion of their idol. There is no way somebody who loves Sarkodie will say Sarkodie can’t rap or this year he didn’t do that good.” He continued.

Hammer put out his suggestions and recommendation for the way forward, said the best rapper category shouldn’t be a vote based but has to be decided by a committee well versed in rap.

Rapper of the Year can never be in the voting category, it has to be decided by a committee inside the Academy who understands rap. They have to know what it takes to have five mics or one mic. It should never be based on one song but all the material you’ve put out.” He said

He concluded that You need people who understand it to be able to choose the rapper of the year neutrally and so, the VGMA failed in this category.”

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