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What Is Ghanaian Rapper D Black Up To?

Ghanaian Rapper and Boss of the Black Avenue Muzik, D Black has recently made waves in the Ghanaian social media and Media space, only not for what he is known for but a leak of his private affair.

While D Black has over the years had a successful career as the CEO of Black Avenue Muzik producing talents like Sefah, Miss Forson, and others, being the boss of one of the biggest night clubs in Accra, D Black hasn’t really had the attention as a rapper as he did some years back with his hit songs like Vera.

soon as there was a leak, D Black has quickly been pushing links to his new song with Medikal, Falaa, driving traffic to his songs and has announced the ten years anniversary of his first album.

Although he is managing the trolls that come with the leak, some believe it was intentional to push his project, since he hasn’t had a hit song in a long time.

Others also believe that what happened was an unfortunate incident that D Black has taken advantage of for his benefit.

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