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Ghanaian singer, Fameye, Sends A Message to All Single Ladies

Ghanaian singer, Fameye who recently became a father to an adorable son Arvid Famiyeh Jnr Asuah Nyame has given free advice to young ladies who keep young men in suspense.

According to the ‘Nothing I get’ hitmaker, guys who gather confidence in themselves to approach a lady shouldn’t be put into suspense. Ladies should try to keep it simple for guys if they propose to them.

“I know women you like guys who are very confident, so if I tell you that I like, know that I’ve built the confidence to say that so you have to build the same confidence to give me a reply,” he said in a video

However, once a guy makes his intention known to a lady, they shouldn’t be like they are going to think about it.

Fameye claims its unnecessary because you just met him for the first time and you don’t actually know him so what are they going to think about.

“The first day, we haven’t met before so obviously it is my looks, something or how I talk that you’ll depend on to give me an answer but if you say you are going to think about it, you don’t know me, so what are you going to think”.

Do you think Fameye is making a good argument with his statement?

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