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Musician, Captain Planet, Opens Up About Some Of His Vices On Radio

Captain Planet, a member of the popular Ghanaian music group, 4×4, has opened up on live radio about some of his vices.

On a radio tour for his new single Mpinatweyede, Captain Planet has revealed that he hasn’t in his entire life smoked or drunk anything alcoholic. Believe him or not, the artist made this revelation during his explanation on the intentions for his new song, Mpinatweyede.

Although he is happily married, the Ghanaian artist believes that being single is absolutely fun and comes with some good level of freedom. He recalls his days of being single as some vices that came along with that phase of his life. He mentioned snatching friend’s girlfriends but says vehemently that he never touched alcohol and smoke.

He also advice bachelors and spinsters to enjoy he new tune and not to use it as a reason to do what is necessary.

enjoy the song here:

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