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Moh reaffirms his love and commitment to his queen in new single ‘High Me’

Ghanaian Afrobeat sensation and songwriter, Mohammed Mouazzen aka Moh stuns with yet another hit song, this time around in the guise of ‘High Me’.

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Set atop an enticing Beat Monsta production, the new piece boasts of an elegant composition held together by mesmerizing vocals, lyrics, and a sweet-sounding style fans will adore.

Stream here: https://smarturl.it/HighMe

Moh reaffirms his love and commitment to his queen in new single 'High Me'
Courtesy Moh

Afrobeat by genre, ‘High Me’ is a clever mix of smooth downtempo beats and melodious guitar strings (credited to Fiokee) which effortlessly blend with its emotive lyrics.

Charged with absolute passion, Moh ferries fans through his never-ending emotions for one Maria, who he constantly calls by name in the song’s duration.


He sings to his queen to be, reaffirming his love and commitment to the damsel.

Likewise, Moh adorns her with some of the fanciest of lyrics; ”Body shaped like a diamond, come over me like a time bomb/Girl you be bad, I no go lie. Your body be the charm, girl you know”, in his quest to woo her.

‘High Me’ is a buoyant offer sure to keep fans soothed for weeks on end due to its allure and quality. Be the first to stream Moh’s ‘High Me’ here.


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