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Did Joe Biden Kneel Before Don Little?

Ghanaian diminutive actor, Don Little, who recently returned from the United States of America has been spotted in an unbelievable image with the US presidential candidate, Joe Biden.

In the image, the US presidential candidate Joe Biden for the biggest opposition party in the United States is seen kneeling before Don Little which has left everyone talking.

The position of Joe Biden seems to demonstrate the catchprase trending ‘BlacklivesMatter’. What might have transpired between then has not been confirmed.

Surprisingly, many are in doubt and are of the view it could be one of those numerous jokes and hoaxes sandwiched with photo-shopping, which anyone at all can spend time making something look real like when they are not.

Don Little might have met Joe Biden at his time in the US when the Coronavirus was at its peak because both Don little and Joe Biden were all adhering to the COVID-19 safety protocol.

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