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“The More Songs You Have, The More Hit Songs You are Likely to Get”.-Mishasha. Do you agree with the Ghanaian Musician?

Beautiful Ghanaian female singer, Mishasha has in an interview with Muse Africa expressed an ideology she carries as an artist.

To Mishasha, she carries a songbook around everywhere she goes mostly because she believes that the more verses you write, the more songs you get, and the more songs you have the more likely it is to get a hit song.

While this idea seems mathematically correct, in the space of music, how true could this be? Ghanaian Reggae- Dancehall act, Shattta Wale releases over 50 songs in a year and makes some hit songs as the year unfolds.

However, other artists for over the years have released over 100 songs with not a single one making a hit. Lucky once like Dead peepol after their first release made a national hit with their first Otaan Hunu song.

These various case studies go a long way to disprove the theory that making a hit song has no formula and solely depends on luck.

Others believe otherwise and have data to support it. But what do you think?

Watch full interview below:

Story by Matilda Mensah Marfo

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