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Mishasha Speaks On Women Getting Addicted to Toxic Relationships

After dropping Pretty and Dangerous, Informal Bae, the Mellifluent Ghanaian Musician Mishasha Jacobs has in her newest release, Addiction, touched on one of the most dangerous domestic problems, Addiction.

To the musician, she gets emotional any time she hears the song and can relate to each verse because she was in a toxic relationship but did everything to save.

In spite of the palpable effect abusive relationship have on most women especially, there seem to be that addiction to it that makes them unwilling to let go or willing to endure the hardship.

Mishasha is encouraging women to try and move on from such relationships if they can. stressing:

I’m not gonna make you decide if you should go, but please if you are in a toxic relationship and you think its worth it please continue but do not die because of a toxic relationship.

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