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“In the Music Industry, Our women are Not Timid”.- Queen Nana Adwoa Adwindor

The mother of Ghanaian mellifluous singer, Efya Nokturnal, has spoken to people who opine that the women in the Ghanaian music industry are timid and not ambitious enough.

In an interview with the host of SheVsHer, Tilly Akua Nipaa, Queen Nana Adwoa Awindor debunked such assertions by emphasising that

“Oh, no are women are not timid! Have you seen our women? are they timid in the music industry, they are not, they are coming up so strong and I’m also supporting them.”

The Queen mother spoke more on women and her love and admiration for them, she also shared some of her dislikes in the industry. Watch full show below:

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