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“I’m not a clout chaser all my social media following are my core fans”.- Obibini

Ghanaian versatile artist, Obibi has said that his following on social media translates into his music streams on all music platforms.

In an interview with Obibini, the Ashemi hitmaker mentioned that te numbers on his social media accounts translates in his music streams and even more.

To him, because he is not a clout chaser, all his followers are there specifically for his music and his personality. He expressed that:

my 44k followers mean strong fans because they are organic if you care to know. I’m not a clout chaser so I respect them, the 44k I look at them and I’m like yeah that’s a good number and it reflects on my streams, of course, we are almost 60k with Get a life so it tallies right?

Watch full interview below:

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