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Artistically, this is the difference between Obibini before and after Zylofon Music

Ghanaian artistic rap artiste, Obibini, has spoken about what being signed to Zylofon music Record label means to him and his career.

In an interview with Muse Africa, rapper Obibini narrated that:

The Obibini that you have in front of you is more matured, and he understands the showbiz because I’ve learned the job on it has become clearer to me now and this is a more matured Obibini. I’m laid back now compared to back in the day, I was very aggressive, it was all passion back in the day.

He added that before Zylofon his music was financially supported by

“I was under DJ Black worked with tumtum label…”

He then goes on to talk about how things have been since he got signed onto the label.

Click on the link to watch the full interview here:

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