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Wondaboy pours out his heart in a new single titled ‘My Love’ – Watch

Singer Wondaboy is out with a new single titled ‘My Love’.

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Heavily influenced by his relocation to Accra, ‘My Love’ is Wondaboy’s newest offering to his fans.

It’s a tale about how he’s enamored with a young lady that wants nothing but his love:

Wondaboy opens up his heart in a new single titled ‘My Love’ - Watch
Artwork for My Love by Wondaboy

“She don’t want no Gucci, yeah/She don’t want no Prada/She don’t want designer / Eh, she say na my love, ooh-oh my love-oh-ooh/She say she dey want my love ooh…”.

Listen/download here: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/my-love

Programmed by two distant producers; Nigeria’s Denzl and Ghana’s own Slimbo, ‘My Love’ couples the best of both worlds with a wholesome hook that’s super contagious.

But the spice doesn’t end there, the soothing piece comes with a vibrant video to match its vibe.


Shot at the OM Studios in Accra, visuals for ‘My Love’ are composed of a series of indoor frames which largely reveal a suave Wondaboy flanked by hotties while seated on his “throne”.

Director Eni Baid captured the video which also features some entertaining choreography.

Tag your love and catch a ride on Wondaboy’s ‘My Love’ here.

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