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Quamina MP Opens Up About His Experience on Tim Westwood and the Social Media Trolls

It could be recalled that some months back, Ghana’s social media trends were broken my a snippet of Ghanaian Rapper Quamina MP’s performance on the international platform, Tim Westwood.

Although the full video of his performance was not out, the little that was trending n social media was not in favor of the young artist. The video had no beat it, which made a lot of Ghanaians doubt the artists rapping capabilities.

All the time, Quamina MP never uttered a word about the trolls. Speaking in an interview with Sammy flex, the young champ opened up that he was unperturbed about the trolls because he knew how well he had done on the show and knew the final video would vindicate him.

However, he admits that he was very nervous considering how big the Tim Westwood platform is. He narrated how partially prepared he was because he got the notice of appearing on the platform in a day or less.

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