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“The Seat for the Reggae-Dancehall Queen In Ghana is Empty”.-Queen Haizel

Young Ghanaian female musician, Queen Haizel, who was recently in the news for her Barbados scandal has dropped her latest reggae tune Swapi.

Speaking in an interview with Sammy flex, the vibrant young musician said that she swayed a bit to do Reggae with her new song because she noticed the Reggae-Dancehall Queen seat in Ghana was empty and wants to sit on it.

When asked what happened to AK songstress who has been parading as the Queen of Ghana Reggae-Dancehall. To Queen Haizel, like the main stool and sub stools, she sees the main one empty with the rest sitting on the sub.

Hopefully, with a record like Swapi, Queen Haizel will get to prove the Ghanaians and especially the world that she deserves the crown as the SheBoss.

Watch full interview here:

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