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She Vs Her Episode Out: Ama Pratt talks maternity health, Law and her successes in the media space

Welcome to SheVsHer, the most authoritative voice on women uplifting and celebration.

The latest episode of SheVsHer has caused a massive stir in the media space as Media aficionada, Ama Pratt joins with her brilliance and her kind heart for women.

The show as most people are familiar with begun with the She moment which was a message from Black American renowned actress, Viola Davis speaking on doing something bigger than self to make one feel a bit more successful.

Starting the She Update from home, Eno Barony features Wendy Shay on her new song Enough is Enough off her upcoming album, ladies first.

Next, Tiwa Savage hosted an exclusive virtual listening party for her album Celia.

Finally, American pop star Keke Palmer hosted the MVA awards and how excited she is about it.

Sister Derby who just turned 36 years old was celebrated as the She woman of the week in her beautiful pink gown to earmark all the beauty and wisdom that comes with the age.

Zooming into the highlight of the show, Ama Pratt graced the show as she spoke about how it all began for her, some successes of hers. The conversation progressed into how she is able to keep the balance as a wife, a mother, and the boss of Pan Africa TV.

Ama Pratt also touched on how she deals with sensitive topics as a woman when situations like that get on his desk. The then expressed her fondness for women and anything that concerns women. As a proud feminist, Ama Pratt could not hold back her excitement on such topics.

Counting her achievement one by one, she talked about how far she’s come and how each milestone has been celebrated. SheVsHer also used the opportunity to celebrate her by popping champagne for her and her life.

Finally to her health matter, Ama Pratt passionately spoke about the psychological issues that come with maternity, Postnatal depression. She spoke on how real it is what could be done to support women who go through them.

Ama Pratt was an absolute delight with her point of view on life very mesmerizing.

Watch full show by clicking the link below:

Story by Matilda Mensah Marfo

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