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2019 Airplay In Review for KiDi – Statistics by Ghud Music

Prior to the release of his album, “Sugar”, in May 2019, “Mr Badman” by Kidi made an appearance on the Ghud music chart for the week ending 7th February 2019, at #5.

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“Mr Badman” maintained appearance on the charts through to the weekending 21st February, 2019, where it shot up to #2 on the chart and also topped the urban chart at the week ending 28th February, 2019 by receiving massive airplay.

After the release of his album, “Sugar”, on 30th May 2019, one of the tracks made an impressive first appearance as #8 and as #3 on the chart the following week ending 20th June,2019 and kept consistent appearance on the Ghud Music chart.


Congrats to Kidi and the entire lynx family for winning the “Album Of The Year”  with “Sugar”.

2019 Airplay In Review for KiDi – Ghud Music Broadcast Monitoring Service
Airplay chart for KiDi from Ghud Music

A lot of hard work was put into putting together such chart-topping releases for 2019.

Analytics is based on known works of the artiste in our Ghud Music database and not the artiste’s entire catalog.

This information was collected from the Ghud Music Database used in monitoring and analyzing airplay of Ghanaian record signed artistes from radio stations in all regions across Ghana. Ghud music has been monitoring radio airplay stats since 2018.

Source: Ghud Music Analytics Team.


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