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She Vs Her: TV3 News Anchor, Ayisha Yaakubu, Speaks About Her Journey in Media and Struggles She Encounters

TV3 premises was invaded by She Vs Her crew in the latest episode of She Vs Her to listen and celebrate the beautiful and hardworking Ayisha Yaakubu , who is a TV3 news anchor.

Before we delve into the Ayisha Yaakubu conversation, She moment was a powerful message from American Actress and star of Empire Series, Taraji P Henson as she speaks on people projecting their fears on others.

As usual, the She Updates which sees to celebrate the good works of women around the world celebrated Ghanaian actress Salma Mumin who is out with her new clothing line Luregh.

Ghanaian actress Jackie Appiah who is currently the Ghanaian celebrity with the most following on Instagram, 8Million. While the Ghanaians are applauding her, SheVsHer decided to celebrate her as part of She Updates.

Finally, Meghan Markle will be representing at Michelle Obama’s When All women Vote Virtual party.

Into the conversation with Ayisha Yaakubu, her journey before and into the media space was talked about into details. Her educational background and her struggles which surprisingly has got to do with her exquisite dressing was addressed in the conversation.

Celebrating the hardworks and ‘Corona Ruined’ birthday, Ayisha Yaakubu had Champagne popped for her for the past, present and all the good she will do in the future.

Finally, Ayisha speaks on HER HEALTH MATTERS as she focuses on Mental health problems and the stigma surrounding it making it difficult for people to speak up. She encourages people to be more supportive since mental health problems are real.

Watch full show here:

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