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Sarkodie Surprised with Ghana’s history on Vlad TV

Sarkodie in an interview with DJ Vlad was met with a big surprise of his life when the interview that has to do with entertainment and showbiz was turned into a History session where he was put on the edge to narrate the history of Ghana.

Sarkodie carefully dodged most of the questions with the explanation that he does not have all the knowledge about what transpired in past and how Ghana was colonized by the Europeans.

DJ Vlad, the interviewer also asked other questions about the Akan tribe, the wars and the first president Kwame Nkrumah.

All these questions were too hard for Sarkodie who clearly was not prepared for such a big surprise where he is being asked to discuss the classical history of Ghana, personalities and events.

The Vlad TV interview is hosted by DJ Vlad on Vladtv.com where he talks to celebrities and public personalities about issues of concern surrounding politics, entertainment, sports and general knowledge.

The full Sarkodie-Vlad TV interview will be released soon but the first snippet of it had Sarkodie sweating profusely as he had to tackle History questions…he obviously will now know that he always has to prepare for surprises especially when he is being interviewed on these international platforms.

Watch Video Below:

Source: Ghbase

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