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Eshun Speaks on abusive relationships

Allegedly being a victim of abuse, eShun finds it disgusting for men to show off their “macho” prowess by abusing women.

EShun disclosed in an interview on Bryt TV that a lot of women are in abusive relationships due to fear of being tagged as single.

I’ve met some women who are still in abusive relationships with their husbands for fear of being divorced. Some of them are also influenced by external forces to remain in such a toxic relationship. ” eShun disclosed.

However after getting over the storm, Eshun said:

” I freely talk about my experience as a victim of abuse because I want to help all those who are going through the same thing. If I had someone who advised me about abusive relationships, things would have been a lot better.” She added.

EShun is currently promoting her latest single “Handcuff” which speaks on what she’s been through:

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