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It takes a Real Man to Nurture the Beauty of you; Stephanie Benson Sends Love to Sister Derby

Stephanie Benson, the UK based Ghanaian Jazz musician, has taken to Twitter to send a birthday message to songstress Sister Derby.

Stephanie Benson’s message seemed to spark some conversations especially with the way she addressed Deborah. She tweeted:

“Happy Birthday. Absolutely Breathtaking. It takes a Real Man to Nurture the Beauty of you. Those men are hard to find. They usually settle for the weak and easy. YOU WILL NEVER BE THAT. A TRUE LEO LADY you are. Happy Birthday, darling.”

Even though Stephanie Benson’s message seemed harmless, it somewhat seemed like subtle shade to Sister Derby’s ex-boyfriend Medikal who is married to actress Fella Makafui.

See her post below;

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