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“I feel more comfortable managing my own affairs”.- Eshun

Songstress Eshun has advised her colleagues to manage themselves and handle their own affairs rather than be under a record label.

Speaking to Romanus on ETV Ghana’s Late Night Celebrity Show, Eshun expressed that:

I feel more comfortable managing my own affairs. Being under a record label is so strenuous. There is constant disagreement with management…your manager might want you to go somewhere or perform with someone you might not be comfortable with but you can’t say no because he is your manager”. Eshun added.

Commenting on her falling out with her former manager who was also her boyfriend, Eshun disclosed that she is happy with her current life because it is devoid of stress and physical abuse.

” I would advise all women who have been abused to come out and seek help. Being physically, emotionally, and verbally abused is something I wouldn’t wish on anyone.” Eshun added.

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