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Here is why DKB and Efia Odo are attacking each other on social media

Efia Odo recently addressed the living conditions of Ghanaian celebrities and said they don’t earn enough money to support their lifestyles. She said;

“Someone working in McDonald’s in America makes more money than most celebs in Ghana”.

This statement provoked several media personalities who felt her utterance was completely unnecessary, and didn’t think she was in a position to pass such comments.

The latest person to speak on this issue is Comedian DKB. In an Instagram post, DKB attacks Efia Odo and calls her a pant remover and nipple shower.

In his opinion, Efia was disrespecting the hard works of Ghanaian creatives in the likes of himself, Yvonne Nelson, Nana Ama McBrown, Yvonne Okoro and several others. He said;

“When you are continuously removing pants and showing nipples like a pono auditions which company will take you seriously? Don’t say us when it’s just you, shut up and suffer your misery instead of disrespecting the creative arts field, some of us have made a living out of it and created jobs for others through it. Wear a kaba and slit for once and see the number of brand endorsements that will chase you. Everyday pioto bonanza….MUTUMBANZA!”

Screenshots below;

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