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She Vs Her: New Episode Out With Award Winning Fashion Designer, Selina Bebaako-Mensah

The recent Episode of SheVsHer was set ablaze with the ever beautiful Selina Bebaako-Mensah, the CEO and Creative Director of the Selinabeb fashion brand.

Before we delved into the Selinabeb and the Beyonce Black Parade Directory Conversation with Selina Bebaako- Mensah, the show begun with its usual interesting segment, she moment being a powerful message from iconic South African songstress Angelique Kidjo, poignantly narrating a nostalgic moment as a child on not bothering yourself with what people think about you.

Straight from the She Moment with Angelique Kidjo, the She updates begun with a video of Ghanaian musician Eshun’s bruised face talking about her new music video to her song Handcuff.

American actress and producer of HBO’s Insecure, Issa Rae has been teamed up with Jordan Peele to directed the Sinkhole Sci-fi movie.

Finally was to Kamala Harris being selected as the first woman of Color to be America’s Presidential candidate, Joe Bidden’s Vice.

Finally entering the most anticipated segment of the show, Selina Bebaako takes us audience through her journey from being a presenter or a broadcaster to a multiple international award-winning fashion brand and how she made the list of Beyonce’s Black Parade Directory.

After an insightful conversation with the CEO of Selinabeb, she wrapped it up with the final segment, HER HEALTH MATTERS where Selina Bebaako Mensah spoke on breast cancer and how early detection can help save the lives of many women.

Ultimately, it was a good show and very educative. Before we watch the video, be reminded of the newest episode on Wednesday at exactly 5:30 pm on Viasat or KFS or Go TV channel 815 with TV3 news anchor Ayisha Yaakubu:

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