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“Don’t rub what you have in the faces of others”. Benedicta Gafah

Tracey Boakye and Mzbel have been throwing punches at each other for quite some time now but seem to have gotten out of hand with more revelations day by day.

Ghanaian actress and on-air personality, Benedicta Gafah, has added her voice to the ongoing beef between Tracey Boakye and Mzbel.

In an interview on Kingdom TV, Miss Gafah urged actress Boakye to stop flaunting her riches on social media.

According to her, it is grace that takes people to a certain stage in life, and thus, one should just appreciate what they are able to acquire and not project them in the eye of the public.

Explaining her advice, she said the age and means through which everybody makes it in life differ, therefore, actress Boakye needs to slow down.

She said:

“Everything you get is by Grace, and you don’t rub what you have in the faces of others as if they are not working hard. Everybody’s time differs, and so does their destiny

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