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Track-list for Xquisit’s ‘The Come Up’ EP Previewed – out soon

The COME UP EP is an introduction for Xquisit as a happy-go-lucky hustler, who has patiently waited for his Come Up that is finally here.

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The lead single for the EP, “The Come Up,” details the narrative of how the rapper questions himself as to whether he is in the right profession.

Track-list for Xquisit’s ‘The Come Up’ EP Previewed – out soon
Cover art | credit: Xquisit

He follows up with a question, asking God “will I die young or die broke, will I do tramadol or deal coke” sharing his career and life insecurities in prayer to God.

Regardless of family and friends questioning his Come Up into the music scene, Xquisit affirms that God has better plans for him, and it will pay off.

Xquisit’s EP, The Come Up, which has been in transit for almost 10 years is hugely inspired by his determination to prove himself he deserves a seat at the table, and this EP solidifies his quest to be recognized and the choice of the title of the 6 song project walks you through the phases described by Xquisit to get to the top.


Structurally, The Come Up EP is essentially spotless as far as providing a firm body of musical artistry that conveys a message within and The Come Up EP is one of the most well-produced musical element in the music scene currently, the beats on the EP are next to insane and one that is difficult to get out of your head immediately and with the likes of skirmisher Beats and Gomez handling the production, it’s hard to dispute the quality.

Xquisit displays at ease his lyrical prowess with The Come Ep (if you disagree jump straight to Hating feat. Boy Salty) and Xquisit certainly goes into raw and artistic detail with his lyricism on The Come Up, and whether conscious or unconscious, the choice and arrangement of the titles define his various phases to get to the top.

Track-list| credit: Xquisit

Some of the insane lyrical displays come from tracks such as; Slow down, Hustle, and the EP’s anthem, Hating as Xquisit conveys some expressively and accomplished verses on these songs which are truly bound to force a reaction out of the listener after listening.

First, he introduces his struggle, doubts, and plans on The Come Up. He then introduces Hating which is a certified street anthem jam for 2020 featuring Boy Salty.

The hooks are easy to remember and one that gets stuck in your mental! And his descriptive rap takes you on a visual trip that it can almost actually feel like you are watching the entire ‘The Come Up’ unfold.

“This be the world we dey, you for look sharp,” gives a sense of encouragement and self-motivation to everyone about his hustle, and Xquisit has in the past, as he narrates on the intro to the EP about the challenges of juggling a day time job and music together.

And it definitely feels after looking sharp, staying committed opens the possibility of Going High, a song he features Brainna.

The consistency that Xquisit displays on the EP is what truly makes the project special.

The Come Up EP engages his peers with collaborations and the features on The EP makes for a strong statement and solid support to the other artists of the album.

A careful listen of the EP projects Xquisit as a mentor who is in his mentoring and advisory role for people to believe in themselves.

His experiences from events such as The Next Big Thing Competition and Vodafone Icon and his mission to get mainstream attention revolves around the 6 piece EP project, opening more personal stories and decisions in terms of family and friendship, religion, and relationships.

Hating, Hustle, The Come Up as the opening, and Look sharp are all examples of this.

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