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“I Have Never Received a Dime From Ghamro”.- Kofi Mole

Kofi Mole has joined the thousands of artists who claim they have not been receiving anything from Ghamro in spite of their songs enjoying massive airwave play.

Kofi Mole in an interview with Sammyflex mentioned that he has never received anything from Ghamro and was even no aware that he had to get anything from there.

However, it goes a long way to prove that most artists are not aware of the functions and structures of Ghamro. They also may not be aware of the processes to go through to get royalties from Ghamro.

Although Kofi Mole is enjoying all the airwaves now without registering and getting the right things in place, he may never be able to get royalties from them.

Story By Matilda Mensah Marfo

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