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The Chinese city of Wuhan is in a Party mode

Life in the Chinese city of Wuhan seems to be bouncing back to life after months of trying to contain the deadly novel coronavirus.

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Many across the globe have lost their lives due to COVID-19, however, the center of the virus seems to have recovered for the effects.

The Chinese city of Wuhan is in a Party mode
Pool Party in the City of Wuhan, China. || Credit: Getty Images

In April 2020, authorities introduced a widespread testing program for all 11 million residents.


Wuhan has not recorded any local coronavirus case since mid-May hence the there’s now no ban on public gatherings, which

As though the world is still battling and in fear of the pandemic, a maskless pool party festival went on at Wuhan Maya Beach Water Park in china.

It was a fully packed pool party.

Shots of the partygoers have been shared online.

With no Covid-19 safety Precautions regarded, it Looks like the people of Wuhan, China is fully back to their normal party lives.

Source: BBC NEWS

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