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Traditional Trap music – A Bosom P-Yung Special playlist

Ghanaian rapper Bosom P-Yung is known for flouting his own unique blend of different genres he terms as Traditional Trap.

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The rapper first gained prominence in January 2020, after his 2019 released Attaa Adwoa went viral on social media, leading to his rise on traditional media.

Traditional Trap music - A Bosom P-Yung Special playlist

Since his rise Bosom P-Yung has gone on to solidify himself as a brand to reckon with as he set a Ghanaian record by being the first new artist to hit 1 million views within a month on YouTube.

We present 10 Bosom P-Yung songs and collaborations as we out our spotlight on him.


Enjoy TunesXmuse’s Bosom P-Yung Traditional trap playlist.

Kweku Smoke X Bosom P-Yung –  Akata

Kweku Smoke ft Bosom P- Yung –  Krakye Geng

Kweku Smoke X Bosom P-Yung –  Airhu

Bosom P-Yung – Odo Ndwom

Lord Paper ft Bosom P-Yung –  Asa Bone

Wendy Shay ft Bosom P-Yung –  Emergency

Mr Drew X krymi  ft All Stars – Dw3 Remix

Joey B ft Bosom P-Yung  – Silicon Valley

Akan ft Bosom P-Yung – Atofo Kesie

Cabum ft. Kweku Smoke X Bosom P-Yung – Ahokyer3 Y3 Ade Foo

Playlist by TunesXmuse

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