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What is DWP Academy? Here is all you need to Answer that

Dancegod Lloyd and his colleague, Afrobeast have been the faces of the very popular dance team called DWP academy. While most people see them in a lot of music videos and doing a lot of dance challenges, people are fully not aware of what it is the group is about.

Speaking with Muse Africa, the manager for the team, Quables, mentioned that Dance with A Purpose, DWP, is not just a dance group but a dance school or institution, which accommodates and trains young people with the talents and flair for dance.

The academy, which was established by these three young guys and has over 200 students with branches in Ho, Kumasi, USA, China, etc. aims at being the platform that changes the world through dance by encouraging people to follow their passion and at the same time having a positive an impact on the society.

Watch Full Video Here:

Story by Matilda Mensah Marfo

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