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Here is what Dancegod Lloyd thinks about working with female dancers

Renowned Ghanaian dancer, Dancegod Lloyd, and a co-founder of the DWP academy has spoken on how difficult it is to work with females in his academy.

Responding to the question dancegod Lloyd said that:

Oh yes, it’s very very difficult. You know, it’s not even about we the leaders, ikt between the ladies, the guys, and group, sometimes they don’t understand themselves, sometimes they have issues, like someone not talking to another and it makes it very dicey working with a lady.

However, he added that

“We are big brothers, we have sisters at home so we know how to handle them even though it can different and more and we sometimes hire people to deal with them because ours is just dance.”

Yet the team is bent on working with more females to prove that girls can still chase their dreams without their nature and society’s expectations getting in the way.

Watch full interview here:

Story by Matilda Mensah Marfo

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