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Cuppy Speaks on Awards and the Grammy

Cuppy, who has over the years built a strong and credible reputation as one of the most artistic female DJ from Africa has spoken about awards and how she feels about them.

Displaying a table full of awards, she credited it all to consistency over the years and her dedication to the craft. Speaking with muse Africa, Cuppy was asked which other awards she is still eyeing to get to complete her ensemble? Cuppy replied that:

You know what, it’s not even the matter of just awards, I think it’s just doing things that I wanted to do. I always say I’m more than a statistic, I’m more than a number. For me, it’s just so important, like putting out my album is a personal achievement for me, and it’s so important.

Cuppy went on to stress that:

I’m proud of myself for doing that, so whether or not I get a grammy, I don’t care, I just wanna make sure I’m doing what I was called to do, which is music.

Watch full video below:

Stoy by Matilda Mensah marfo

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