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Ceek Platform Overwhelmed By Sarkodie’s Numbers

The much anticipated show of the year, Sarkodie Blacklove Virtual Concert seem to have begun with a hitch as a result of the overwhelming numbers on the Ceek platform.

Soon after the countdown was over, patrons noticed that the platform was inaccessible and got the feedback that the server was going through a bit of a system failure because of the numbers.

Sharing their data, Ceek has come out to officially apologise to SarkNation and to give an explanation for their temporal system failure. They tweeted:

SarkNation shut the web down. Due to overwhelming traffic we are having some technical issues. Please standby we are working to resolve this. 1.5 million at once with more coming.

Although dissatisfying, this goes a long way to show how huge the brand Sarkodie is and how the world is watching him and his team tonight.

Fans are hopeful that everything will be sorted in time so they enjoy the show.

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