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Are Ghanaians Finally Accepting Dance as an Art form that Needs Attention too? Here is what Dancegodlloyd thinks

For about three years now, the presence of the Ghanaian dance industry has been felt the most with young talents like Dancegod Lloyd, Incredible Zigi, Afrobeast, Perby, and others championing that course.

In an interview with the faces of DWP Academy, Dancegod Lloyd, and Afrobeast, on whether or not Ghana and Africa as a whole is finally accepting the contemporary dance style and paying the needed attention to it, they replied that:

Yes, because right now, we have actually change the perception about dance, in Ghana and Africa or the whole world. Right now people actually want us to bring meaning into their songs, people are actually paying and booking us for sessions to actually make their songs heard and to preach their culture.

Hopefully, dance rises to the same level of music in Africa.

Watch full interview here


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