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According to Shoopsy Doo, Here is Why People Are Reluctant to Patronize Virtual Shows

Since the introduction of COVID-19 into the world, a lot of adjustments and adoptions have been made to ensure the continuity and survival of some entities. The music industry hasn’t been an exception.

Virtual has become the new normal with conferences, seminars, education, shows, and is done online. Yet it seems people or the majority of the people are still not convinced with the virtual aspect to human life now. in entertainment, for instance, Virtual concerts which have become normal are still not gaining the acceptance it should get since its the safest way out now.

In an interview with Shoopsy Doo, presenter of beat FM in the UK he mentioned that

“We have to understand that the virtual show has just come in the last three or four months and we have had decades of live shows, people have cultivated from being a young person to becoming an adult getting used to these live shows going to festivals, going to clubs, going to parties, so to instantly shut it all off one day or two days before things happen, it took a lot of getting used to.”

Shoopsy Doo added that “Our entertainers are really responsible for pushing the virtual show to the audience…

Watch full interview here:

Story by Matilda Mensah Marfo

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