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“Nigeria has a sound that no one can replicate and Ghana also has an identity that no one can replicate”.-Shoopsy Doo

There seem to be a constant comparison between Ghanaian and Nigerians in various facets of life. Typically in the Ghanaian entertainment industry with the Nigerian’s. In the movie space Ghana and Nigeria movies have constantly been pegged together for analysis with products and talents constantly being compared. Another industry that constantly hears the words “in Nigeria” is the Ghanaian music industry, where every nook and cranny is compared to that of the Nigerians to be adjudged. For Ghanaians, in most cases, Nigerians are seem to be having an upper hand over the Ghanaians, either financially, production wise, talent and possibly in approach.

Speaking to the renowned Beats fm presenter in Uk who co-hosted 2019 Afronation and the maiden edition of the Official UK Afrobeats Chart, Shoopsy Doo, has spoken to the constant comparison between these two very different industries.

Shoopsy thinks that Ghanaian music has a true Ghanaian essence, expatiating that:

Hence when there is a sound that comes from Ghana, it’s replicated in Nigeria across Africa you still have a strong connection to highlife than most other country in Africa.

That’s why the likes of bisa are still successful, that’s why I call kuami Eugene the next stop even though he is a pop musician, he still has that strong highlife connection.

For me, when people say Ghana should compete with Nigeria I say No, we need to celebrate the difference.

Nigeria has a sound that no one can replicate and Ghana also has an identity that no one can replicate.

If the ‘gatekeepers’ would understand and celebrate these differences instead of using it against them, Ghanaian artists could be encouraged to work harder to close that imaginary gap.

Watch full interview with Shoopsy here:

Story by Matilda Mensah Marfo

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