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There is unity in the Gospel Music industry – MOG Music

Gospel singer MOG Music has revealed the players in the gospel music industry are united contrary to reports of disunity.

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The gospel scene has seen some words traded between some of the artists over the last couple of years.

There is unity in the Gospel Music industry – MOG Music
MOG Music || Credit: Instagram

However, speaking to Yaw Boadu-Ayeboafoh on Muse Africa’s ‘The Big Talk’, MOG revealed though there have been a few issues, the gospel industry is united.

“From my point of view I will say yes, amongst myself, my colleagues and the people we deal with I will say yes. There are a few issues here and there like in every house but it’s not so huge that it’s going to break the house. So we are united, we are working on it.”


He also debunked rumors of fighting among contemporary and traditional gospel artists in the battle for supremacy.

 “They are not fighting, probably what I can say is they are finding a middle ground to complement each other,” he said around 3:20 seconds mark in the interview.

“I believe over the years, our seniors, who are ahead of us have done a good job trying to bridge that gap and we are also working on it. It’s a working process.”

 On which genre he belongs to, MOG stated he was an all-round singer who could fit anywhere but is well noted for the contemporary gospel.

“I am a mixture of everything. I can do local praise, I can do the local songs very well, I can do the urban songs very well, I can do the contemporary songs very well but I am yet to try dancehall.”

When quizzed which genre got him the loudest reception, MOG revealed it was contemporary.

“It’s the contemporary of course because it is the biggest in Ghana and even in the world so that is what gives the most attention but it doesn’t deter me from doing the others.”

Watch MOG Music’s full interview on the Big Talk

MOG Music is currently promoting his single Jesus, which is a major lead single for his upcoming album ‘Experience.

Story by Yaw Boadu-Ayeboafoh || Twitter: @NYB_LIVE

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