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Bisa Kdei shares Music recording Process ahead of new project – Watch

As a fan, have you ever wondered how musicians create your favorite music, how they artistically blend words together to make sense, communicate their thought, and even make them rhymes?

To be able to produce a song, the music creating process can be very tedious and fun at the same time depending on the mood an artist finds him/herself in. 

Award-winning Ghanaian highlife artiste Bisa Kdei took fans through his recording process on social media. He also disclosed that he sometimes uses the internet to get some of his rhymes right. The ‘Brother Brother’ hitmaker even sited an example by searching for the piece’s rhyme. 

In the video posted on social media, Bisa Kdei stated that he sometimes checks online to get a sound rhyme for his music and that helps him to write faster


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