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Strongman says his female fans have shot up. Here is why

The Pilolo, Bossu, and now Mokobe hitmaker, Strongman Burner of the strong empire has given the stats to the growth of his fan base and numbers.

According to Strongman, ever since he adopted the commercial style of rapping and music his female fans have shot from 2% to 23%, which is a very big growth as compared to when he was doing only the hard-core rap music.

To him, this is a good thing that has shot his numbers up. He believes once women accept your song, it becomes a sure hit as they directly or indirectly influence what men listen to.

Yet, so that he doesn’t ignore or starve his older fans who loved the hardcore style, he is willing to blend the commercial releases with hardcore once a while so as to satisfy all parties just as he did with “my voice”.

To him, doing hardcore rap reminds him of where he came from and where he is headed.

Watch full interview below:

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