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“Nothing can bring Shatta Wale’s brand down”.-Bullgod

Bulldog now Bullgod, the manager of the A-list award-winning Ghana Reggae-Dancehall act, Shatta Wale has made a very daring comment on the brand of his Shatta Wale.

To Bulldog, Nothing can bring down Shatta Wale brand. He believes it’s only Shatta Wale who has risked it all to reach where he is and is unperturbed about ‘missiles’ that could be fired at him in the future. Explaining his opinion on simply showbiz, he said

 Shatta wale has risked everything; there is nothing you can pin on Shatta Wale now, that would bring him down, Nothing! He has done it all, you want to put him in cells, he’s been there! You want to pin rape on him, he won’t do that but won’t bring him down because we all know him with girls

He added:

There are artists that don’t want to be associated with something, like as for this one dier no this matter dier it for no be my line, but Shatta has broken all the rules so there is nothing that can hurt a brand like Shatta Wale, Nothing!

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