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Monie beats calls on Kelvyn boy and Blakk Cedi to order

Monie beats, who was the producer for kelvin boy’s earliest release, Toffee, has sent an unhappy message to kelvin boy and Blakk Cedi.

According to Monie beats, Kelvyn boy and Blakk cedi have sidelined him ever since Kelvyn boy’s toffee made waves. He narrated how Blakk Cedi personally came to him and handed over Kelvyn boy to him to handle as his personal project for future benefits.

Having recorded over 15 songs with him and releasing just two, NO Wars and Toffee, Monie Beats feels relegated to the side with no tangible reason from Kelvyn boy or even Blakk Cedi on their decision.

After expressing his displeasure with the two, he finally dared them to come out and tell him exactly what he did wrong to have merited such treatment from people he gave his 100 to.

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